CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

  • > Project Cancun Clinic
    December 1-7, 2013
    Nearly 1,000 cats and dogs were sterilized for free last week in Bonfil, Mexico.
  • > CANDi - A Novel Approach
    CANDi is an organization that brings tourism businesses together with local animal welfare groups to implement programs that humanely address the issue of cat and dog overpopulation in destination communities.
  • > Help Through Tourism
    Learn how you can help save the lives of abandoned cats and dogs in the Caribbean and Mexico. Whether you are a tourist, tour operator, airline or resort/hotel, click here to see how.
  • > Airline Sponsors - Making Success Possible
    By partnering with CANDi, you can help us transport highly adoptable dogs from high kill shelters by offering free transport for rescues to shelters in other cities who have room. >Read more   > Watch success story video
  • > CANDi Clinics
    The solution to reduce suffering for dogs and cats are sterilization clinics - 80% of puppies and kittens that are born die within 8 weeks of starvation or disease. Our vision is to find major sponsors to support these clinics.
  • > Make a Difference Program
    The "Make a Difference program" is a simple, yet effective way that major hotel chains, tour operators, and resorts can make a difference in their communities and easily implement with CANDi's help.
  • > Cat Cafe Program
    CANDi's Cat Cafe Program is a humane, viable, long-term solution to managing stray cat populations. It is our vision that all major hotel chains, resorts and tour operators support this solution.
  • > Tourism Saves Lives Through CANDi
    Our vision is that CANDi's name will be immediately recognized by tourists and the travel industry so our programs can help save more "little Havana's" at tourist destinations globally.

Our Mission: To save the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.



Why CANDi?

Facebook follower wrote:
"I have always felt helpless when visiting the Caribbean and elsewhere on vacation to see the state the animals are often in when the people have to struggle for a living. Slipping them some food at the time really doesn't help in the long term and now knowing about CANDI I can contribute and feel that I can help in some small way to alleviate the suffering."

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