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Dave Levenson

Founder, Kohala Foundation 

Dave LevensonDave Levenson, launched the Kohala Foundation in 2004 to demonstrate how businesses and business leaders could be true partners in creating positive social change. Inspired by examples from Social Venture Network and Positive Deviant Network, Dave envisions Kohala Foundation launching a variety of successful forprofit-nonprofit ventures.

Married to Cheri for over 30 years and a father of four, Dave now resides in San Anselmo, California. While living in Hawai'i and creating several successful ventures, Dave decided to volunteer at the local transitional housing cabins, located halfway between his office and the famous Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.

Inspired by the challenges facing homeless people, including the shocking discovery that a previous client was now living at the shelter, Dave set out to leverage his talents for leveraging. In addition to raising money, Dave wanted to involve the hotel industry in creating solutions to homelessness. After an initial attempt in Hawai'i, Dave re-luanched what is now "Hotels that Help" in 2005, through an initial pilot with Chip Conley's Joie de Vivre Hospitality.


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