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Ted Davis

Western Canada Editor, Canadian Travel Press

Ted DavisTed Davis is the Western Canada editor of two of the nation's most influential travel trade journals, Canadian Travel Press and Travel Courier magazine.  He also contributes business and travel articles to newspapers and magazines throughout North America and abroad, and he is a former editor of Broadcaster, a monthly communications trade magazine published by Canwest.

As an editor, he travels extensively for work. Many of these trips take him to places where wildlife and biodiversity are under threat. For instance, his experiences in Borneo, where the forest habitat of the orangutan is being destroyed for plantations, and South Africa, where rhinos are being poached into extinction, have raised his awareness of the issues and his interest in working toward a solution.

His affiliation with CANDi has special personal significance as well. In 2009, he adopted Mika, a young beagle/Alsatian mix from a CANDi-supported shelter in Cancun and is thoroughly enjoying the experience.


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