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Hector Navarro

Hector Navarro_thumb Hector was born in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico,  studied film, photography and visual arts.  Has taught visual arts at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and worked freelance on TV and film productions.  

Hector and his wife are diehard animal lovers and they have rescued many animals so they know the desperate need for spay and neuter clinics.

In 2012 Hector stumbled across a ghastly photo of a doberman with her mouth taped shut in a town more than 1400 miles away and a desperate plea for help from an anonymous neighbor who had been watching the dog’s suffering.  From the moment he saw the photo of the dog, Hector worked nonstop for 5 days until he was able to free and bring home the now famous Chica the Doberman.

A fan of Chica’s invited Hector to a CANDI clinic in Cancun and he was impressed by the dedication and talent of people volunteering to help alleviate the problem of stray dogs in places like Mexico.

He lives in Cancun and Torrance USA and actively participates in animal rescue and welfare activities.

He is owned by 9 dogs., 4 dobermans (Tasha, Chica, Jessie and Karma), Akela a mexican hairless, Marvin a french poodle, Chuchis a pit mix, and 2 eclectic breeds Gorupo and Max and 4 cats, Bagheera, Gatosa, Gatipo and Gatipa, all of them rescues.


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