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CANDi Partners with RIU for Cancun Clinic
Saturday, 03 November 2012 22:39

Fast-rising animal welfare organization partners with industry leading hotel and resort chain and Hollywood celebs to find humane solutions to a growing problem.

CANDi International is continuing its quick rise, gearing up for its eighth Cancun clinic (from Nov. 5-9) and now partnering with tourism industry heavy-hitter RIU Hotels and Resorts.

 “This is a huge step for us going forward,” said CANDi International President and Founder Darci Galati. “We’ve seen a lot of success already, but our recent partnerships, including with RIU, show that we’re ready to do so much more.”

Founded in 2006, CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) is a nonprofit company that works with travel industry organizations and local governments at tourism destinations to help provide humane and effective sterilization programs where there are often no resources to help control animal overpopulation. While it’s an issue not many think of, it’s become a huge problem for the industry, communities and tourists. Statistics on the amount of strays that are suffering at these resorts are staggering.

CANDi’s rise can be attributed to its programs that have made a huge dent in this problem, starting with Cancun where they have sterilized over 5,000 cats and dogs. For the upcoming clinic, CANDi’s goal is to sterilize 2,000 cats and dogs over a five-day period, its most ambitious number yet. CANDi will follow up with a clinic in January in Cancun as well. The ambitious number comes from the help they’re getting from organizations like RIU.

“We are lucky to have found a partner like CANDi to develop this project, which had been in RIU's agenda for some time now,” said RIU’s Director of CSR Catalina Alemany. “CANDi has a very professional approach and a deep understanding of the tourism industry too.”

Plus, CANDi’s cause has caught the eye of both U.S. and Canadian celebrities. Actor/comedian George Lopez recently donated a major portion of the funds needed for the upcoming November clinic. Also, Jennifer Lee Pryor, the wife of late comedian Richard Pryor, is working with CANDi to launch the Richard Pryor International Animal Spay and Neuter Legacy Fund, whose goal will be to raise funding to empower local communities in tourist destinations around the globe to humanely manage stray animal populations through sterilization clinics.


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