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Baxter Travel editor adopts rescue dog from Cancun

Olga of Mexico is now a Canadian citizen -- and the dog who basked in Caribbean beach weather during her first 18 months of life faced a totally different world in Burlington, Ontario this past January.

Did she have any idea what winter in Ontario was all about? Not likely, but she quickly learned the hard truth, and one can only guess at the bewilderment in that small, furry head.

Actually, it only took Olga about a week to come to grips with the unrelenting cold, and with the snow that kept falling. All it took was a good squirrel chase, and the hound shook off all inhibitions and flew straight into the white stuff. She soon perfected a leaping, rabbit-like technique for bounding through the deep snow, and would even lie panting on the crystalline white blanket after a few minutes of this work! So much for missing the heat in Mexico.

But one can never help wonder what thoughts she still harbours about her former world – or what indeed is going on that beagle-based brain. An indication is her dreams, which she has often, and sometimes seem to involve growling and running. Is she being chased, harassed on the streets of Cancun? Who knows?

All we know that for sure is that an exceptional animal with heart, soul and smarts has been rescued from a dangerous, harsh life on the streets. Thanks to the work of María Alicia Salgado at the animal rescue centre in Cancun, and CANDi founder/financier Darci Galati in British Columbia, Olga is now safe in a new – albeit colder – home, that won’t threaten her wellbeing.

Not only that – Olga will probably play a role in publicizing the mission of CANDi and their efforts to rescue more dogs and cats like her – those that have been thoughtlessly abandoned and left to fend for themselves in Mexico and elsewhere. She has a fairly good chance of getting some publicity for her mission in the media, given that her masters are both travel journalists!

Other players are on board for the cause too, including Air Transat, which covered the cost and logistics of flying Olga from Cancun to Canada; and many more to come which will include hotel and resorts which will support the operation of life-saving “cat cafes” at many resorts in the Mayan Riviera. Olga is the tail-wagging proof that these are all worthy efforts.

Thank you to such a wonderful organization who helped make a difference to Olga's life, but also enriched our lives as well.

Ted Davis,
Western Canada Editor
Baxter Travel Media





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