CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

Everyone has a story to tell … including animals.  Since 2006, CANDi has been helping stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean create happy endings to their stories.  Here are a few of these stories of hope.

Chico's Story

My name is Chico and I was born in Mexico. I was rescued by some very nice people who then brought me to live in a foster home in the USA until I was adopted by my dad, Tom.



Hope's Story

The Story of HopeMy name is Hope and I was rescued by a little boy and brought to the people at the clinic in Cancun. I have a really amazing story! My mother decided she didn't want me any longer. She kept putting me on the street but I kept coming home because I was scared. So she told her children to take me to the woods and tie me to a tree to die. But it was my lucky day.


Chaparrito Pepito's Story

Our vacation in Mexico had been wonderful, little did we know we were about to fall in love.

Kristine had noticed a homeless dog and her puppies on the side of the road. On our last day, I felt compelled to see the puppies she couldn’t get out of her head. We found them in minutes, it was heartbreaking. One of the puppies had a deep, infected sore on his back with ants crawling in it. He looked helpless and I knew that if we did not help him, he would not survive long. I reached down and picked him up, put him in our rental car and drove away. That was that. He was ours and we were going to find a way to help him. I felt bad for his sleeping mother because I knew she would wake up and be worried, but hoped now she could care better for the last puppy.


MariaAlicia, Melodie and Sadie

I met MariaAlicia via a friend of mine in Cancun. In August of '06 I was there and noticed a dog that was following people down the beach. At first I thought she was with people, but after 2 days it became obvious she was not with anyone. I was leaving the next day to come back to the US and that was that. In March of '07 I made my usual trip to Cancun again. My second day on the beach I saw her AGAIN! I managed to catch her and I named her Sadie. I had to do something at this point. I had 5 days!


CANDi's First Adoption

We are happy to announce the adoption of puppy, Will!

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