CANDi... saving the lives of stray cats and dogs through spay, neuter and adoption programs supported by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.

Everyone has a story to tell … including animals.  Since 2006, CANDi has been helping stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean create happy endings to their stories.  Here are a few of these stories of hope.

My Experience of Saving a Puppy From Cancun

*Loud Whistle* "Alejandro, Come Here"!! Those have become words I shout on a daily basis and every time I do this little black dog comes sprinting at me with everything he's got. And no matter how many times I see the same scene play out I can't help but smile and give a little chuckle.


Baxter Travel editor adopts rescue dog from Cancun

Olga of Mexico is now a Canadian citizen -- and the dog who basked in Caribbean beach weather during her first 18 months of life faced a totally different world in Burlington, Ontario this past January.

Did she have any idea what winter in Ontario was all about? Not likely, but she quickly learned the hard truth, and one can only guess at the bewilderment in that small, furry head.


Puppy Chebela

Talk about last minute!  Thanks to the persistent calls the Wilhelm family made to Maria Alicia the day before Jean and I were to leave Cancun, we were able to bring another puppy, Chebela, back home with us.  My friend Jean and I had just spent a whirl wind week at CANDi’s first spay/neuter clinic, we were headed back to Connecticut with two Golden Retrievers and a puppy in tow, what was one more puppy at that point!  The pictures speak for themselves.  Chebela (nicknamed Bayla) is so adorable and cuddly who would want to put her down!  The Wilhelm family was so excited for her arrival I am not sure they slept the night before.  It was hard for me to part with the cutie.  After all, I held her the entire flight home and all night as she slept in a bed with me for the first time.


Chico's Sister - Chica

I had planned for 9 months to go to Cancun and assist with our first spay and neuter clinic.  I was so excited to be a part of making a difference with all of the homeless dogs we have down there.  It was two months prior to my leaving when I learned that we had 2 pure bred Golden Retrievers at our facility that desperately needed to get out of there.  Their spirit was slowly fading away.  It was at that point that I found myself consumed and committed to bringing them back to Connecticut with me and find them homes.  I sent out emails to everyone I knew and we all know how that goes.  Word travels.


A New Life Thanks to Air Transat

Hi, my name is Ike (aka - conehead) I was found on the streets of Cancun by my rescuer, MariaAlicia.  I hear she is the owner of the clinic in Cancun where I lived for part of my life.  She found me on the side of the road on the highway where I was hit by a car and I could barely walk.


Saved Kitten in Playa del Carmen

My family and I were in Playa del Carmen and were walking down 5th Avenue enjoying the stores.  We came across an empty lot (between stores) and my daughters and I noticed there were some cats looking for some food among the garbage that was on the lot.  We decided to by some chicken from a local food stand and we feed the cats.


Oscar the Mountain Man

I live in Cancun and help Maria Alicia with RAP, her dog shelter.  My sister came to town to visit and I took her to see the shelter.  Maria Alicia started to talk about each and every one of the dogs and there full story.  They all have great stories by the way...When she got to "Oscar"  she just kept saying how he was such a nice dog and he needed a lot of space for running around and how he had the greatest personality and how he had grown up at the shelter and needed a new life.

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