MariaAlicia, Melody and Sadie

photo of sadie and her mom by the couch

I met MariaAlicia via a friend of mine in Cancun. In August of '06 I was there and noticed a dog that was following people down the beach. At first I thought she was with people, but after 2 days it became obvious she was not with anyone. I was leaving the next day to come back to the US and that was that. In March of '07 I made my usual trip to Cancun again. My second day on the beach I saw her AGAIN! I managed to catch her and I named her Sadie. I had to do something at this point. I had 5 days!

That night I reached my friend and got MariAlicia's number. I called Marialicia that next morning and she was GREAT! I told her the situation and she told she would come pick me up with her car and bring us right to the vet. And that is what we did. We got all our shots needed for her to come back to the USA with me. I was taking her home! Marialicia kept her until I was to leave and brought her to the airport and waited with me until we were cleared.

I have Sadie home now in Connecticut and she is a love and gets along great with my other rescue dogs. I could NOT have gotten Sadie home, especially during the short time that I had to prepare to leave (shots, etc.) without Marialicia's help. She was reliable, timely, speaks great English and is very knowledgeable. And she put up with me calling her everyday to check on Sadie! She has very very very many dogs at her home and it is so obvious that everything she has goes into these dogs. Any help she can get goes a long way. Marialicia can make a difference and it will even get better faster with the more help that she has. A big thing is funding to spay these animals to stop the over breeding and also to stop the killing of them, especially in the very inhumane way that they do put a dog down.

Thanks to MariaAlicia and CANDi for being so involved. You make an incredible difference.

Melody Nichols

photo of sadie in the backyard on the patio

photo of sadie in the backyard by the house

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