A New Life Thanks to Air Transat

Ike on the couch

Hi, my name is Ike (aka - conehead) I was found on the streets of Cancun by my rescuer, MariaAlicia. I hear she is the owner of the clinic in Cancun where I lived for part of my life. She found me on the side of the road on the highway where I was hit by a car and I could barely walk.

I was only a baby so I don't remember too much. The founder of CANDi saw me in September while she was visiting the clinic, and at the time I had a cone on my head so I wouldn't eat at my stitches and she wanted to take me home, but I was too sick. She promised me that she would come back for me. So in January she sent for me with the help of Air Transat. Darci tells me that if it wasn't for Air Transat my dream for a better life may have never come true. I flew in during a snow storm and Darci had to drive through the mountains to get to me. Wow, what a journey. But now I am home safe and sound! Thank you Air Transat and all the people who cared about me for bringing me to Canada. I now have a wonderful life.

Ike with a golden retriever friend

Ike with a cone protection

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