Saved Kitten in Playa del Carmen

Woman and young girl holding the kitten.

My family and I were in Playa del Carmen and were walking down 5th Avenue enjoying the stores. We came across an empty lot (between stores) and my daughters and I noticed there were some cats looking for some food among the garbage that was on the lot. We decided to by some chicken from a local food stand and we feed the cats.

There were so many. We noticed this small kitten that was trying to get some food. She was so tiny and she looked so hungry. Luckily, the day before, I was at a local dog wash fundraiser at the local Peanut Shelter and met this wonderful lady who saves some of the local cats in the area. I was extra lucky because I got her card. I phoned her and my daughter and I met her at the location where we found the kitten. She was amazing because she was able to catch the kitten right away. Here is a picture of my daughter and the lady who rescued the kitten. We kept in touch and found out that she named her Bubbles because she was so bloated from worms. She has now been adopted and is living with a loving family. This kitten was a lucky one.

Darci Galati

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