Chico's Sister - Chica

chica with her mom standing in a pile of leaves

I had planned for 9 months to go to Cancun and assist with our first spay and neuter clinic. I was so excited to be a part of making a difference with all of the homeless dogs we have down there. It was two months prior to my leaving when I learned that we had 2 pure bred Golden Retrievers at our facility that desperately needed to get out of there. Their spirit was slowly fading away. It was at that point that I found myself consumed and committed to bringing them back to Connecticut with me and find them homes. I sent out emails to everyone I knew and we all know how that goes. Word travels.

I received an email from Terri, who was currently in Australia, a trip she waited so long to take. Her email said, I might be interested in adopting one of your golden retrievers. Excited, I emailed back to her and when she returned home we emailed continually about her adopting the female - Chica. It was a done deal. Chica had a home to go to when we returned. When I finally met Chica and Chico in Cancun I instantly knew that she would be fine in a home with just a cat, and no other dogs as she was very quiet and not too active. I guess reserved and checked out emotionally would be the best way to describe it. She was definitely sad and not stimulated - she needed human contact for sure. I have to say that I was worried about her as her character and personality were underdeveloped.

The day I dropped Chica off at Terri's was a fun day. Chica quickly learned that cat food was readily available and dog cookies seemed to appear out of nowhere. I guess I should revise that; cookies were on the counter and since she is so big, could reach them at her leisure...

It did not take Chica long to settle into her new home and get to know crazy Eddie the cat. In fact, she has a huge mischievous side. It is always a wonder what Terri and Dave will find when they come home - from feather pillows that mysteriously exploded to entire bags of mom's favorite candy neatly unwrapped and missing.... to couch covers placed strategically on the floor... Chica has reverted back to her puppy stage that she never got to experience! Terri is holding up well and knows it is temporary. I always do a home visit to take pictures and see how things are going so I was eager to visit with them. Terri wondered if she might be bored and I worried as well.

I visited Terri, Chica and Crazy Eddie the cat not too long ago and I cannot express how over joyed I am with Chica and her flourishing personality. She is so cunning and personable. I don't think that she is bored, I think that she is having the time of her life and has fit in so well into Terri's home. And believe it or not, I think crazy Eddie truly likes her. Chica tries so hard to play with him and he ignores her and then it isn't long before Eddie is chasing Chica which seems to really make her day.

What can I say. I was worried about Chica the most but I worry no more, she really knows how to work her mom with those soft loving eyes. She has become so alive and is living, for the first time I saw traces of Chico's personality in her - goofy clown muffin just wanting to make you laugh - even if it does mean jumping on the couch and turning your hairy body upside down on it, knowing full well, the couch is not your dog bed. I think Terri and Chica are a wonderful pair, regardless of the damage control happening around the house, they are so hooked to each other. Nothing makes me happier than to see the transformation with Chica from constantly laying down in a corner on a pile of dirt and rocks with not much to say, to having a lot to say, do and keeping you on your toes. Thank you Terri!

Melody Nichols, US Adoption liaison for CANDi

chica and chico standing behind a green fence side by side

chica and chico at the airport

chica getting some love by her mom at home

chica on a leash looking up and smiling

chica getting some love by her mom at home, lying on the floor with a bone in her mouth

chica lying atop of leaves with a green toy in her mouth

chica on the couch with her black and white cat sibling

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