Puppy Chebela

chebela sitting on a deck out in the sun

Talk about last minute! Thanks to the persistent calls the Wilhelm family made to Maria Alicia the day before Jean and I were to leave Cancun, we were able to bring another puppy, Chebela, back home with us. My friend Jean and I had just spent a whirl wind week at CANDi’s first spay/neuter clinic, we were headed back to Connecticut with two Golden Retrievers and a puppy in tow, what was one more puppy at that point! The pictures speak for themselves. Chebela (nicknamed Bayla) is so adorable and cuddly who would want to put her down! The Wilhelm family was so excited for her arrival I am not sure they slept the night before. It was hard for me to part with the cutie. After all, I held her the entire flight home and all night as she slept in a bed with me for the first time.

Sara, Wayne, Amy, Jill and Timber welcomed Chebela with open arms and continue to have their hearts warmed every day with her joyful and gentle demeanor. How perfect their home is! Her new big brother Timber watches over her and shows her the ropes in every respect. They play endlessly as the family looks on amused. Chebela captures the audience no matter where she goes. She is a whopping 29 pounds now and the girls are quite sad that they can no longer pick her up…. For a last minute addition to our flight home and no prior planning, Chebela sure hit the lottery with the Wilhelm family. There were multiple players in this game and every one won! This was certainly the missing piece to their family. Everything fit in so nicely.

Melody Nichols, US Adoption Liaison for CANDi

chebela being pet by two young girls.

chebela surrounded by her human family and a yellow labrador sibling

chebela curled up on the floor next to her labrador sibling

close up of chebela lying on the floor surrounded by toys

close up of chebela lying on the floor surrounded by toys and her human siblings sisters

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