Gabrielle and Xena: The great puppy rescue Featured

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Volunteer and CANDi Board Member Hector Navarro works tirelessly to rescue stray dogs in Cancun. Last week, as he was driving to help a friend transport two rescued strays to receive chemotherapy, he saw a dog in the middle of the street.

"At first I thought it was hurt, but then I saw she had two little puppies," says Hector. "We see dogs on the streets every day and it is impossible to help them all. Right now all of my rescue friends are past their limit for fostering, so they can’t take any more dogs, but there was something about these little pups that moved me into action."

Hector did just that, by placing the mother in a crate so she would not run away. Then he was able to catch the puppies, one brown and one black, which he has since named "Xena," after the Princess Warrior!

"The brown puppy was easy to catch, she went into an abandoned house and I just grabbed her. She was afraid but very sweet," Hector explains. "The black one was a challenge. She ran into a bush, then near a house but she knew that if she went inside, she would be cornered. She finally went into the house and I had to run around trying to grab her because she would not let herself get cornered. I had to try to catch her as she ran by, and she was all teeth. She managed to bite me pretty hard but I finally got her!"

Hector put both pups safely in the car before releasing the mother, whom he hopes will find a home through his Facebook requests to his followers.

All four dogs ended up going to see the vet together. The pups were diagnosed as malnourished, with worms, mange, a fungal infection and fleas, all conditions which have been treated. Both pups have since had their shots, been dewormed and had skin tests and checked out. With a little TLC and proper nutrition, they will be ready for adoption.

Until then, Xena and her sister have settled down in Hector's family home, and are even learning some simple commands, like "sit," and are very happy to not be living in the streets anymore.

"Xena and her sister are extremely sweet and they look very happy to have a cozy place to rest, food to eat and love from a human," says Hector. "These little guys are lucky because we spotted them and were able to catch them and hopefully find a home for them, but there are thousands living on the streets and in much worse shape."

By donating to CANDi, you can help us spay/neuter street dogs like Xena's mom, eliminating unwanted stray litters being born on the streets to fend for themselves. The backbone of our organization is volunteers like Hector who help make a difference every single day in the lives of unwanted strays.

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