Volunteer at Home

Are you in animal welfare, the travel industry or in business and want to join our talented team and share our vision?

Over the past ten years, we’ve worked with large corporations and smaller non-profits, to create humane programs for tourism companies to use within their Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) programs. Saving the lives of stray dogs and cats in tourist destinations may seem BIG and it is, but we believe Cats and Dogs International (CANDi) and travel companies can achieve this, one destination at a time. At Cats and Dogs International (CANDi), we have a tool box of different solutions & programs for any destination with common goal of reducing animal suffering by offering humane programs to our tourism partners. How do we do this? We have a team of professionals, including expertise in the travel industry and animal welfare working together that can make this happen. Opportunities exist for all types of volunteers, including those outside the veterinary field

We are passionate about the big picture and working with businesses and people who want to utilize their talents, expertise and connections to help us with our vision—reducing animal suffering in tourist destinations! Below we’ve listed specific volunteer opportunities, though it’s worth noting that many team members define their own positions. If your background and interests align with our work and our values, we would love to hear from you. Don’t see an open position that matches your exact skill set? No worries. We are always accepting applications and building our bench of experts!

Please send a note containing your résumé, cover letter, and links to pertinent work.
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Support Needed


Currently in Joomla, we began developing a new site for CANDi in 2015 using volunteer resources. Our development team comprises hybrid folks that wear many technical hats.

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As a developer you’ll parse and evaluate complicated datasets, churn out iterations of prototypes, tools, and interactive pieces, and optimize user experience across devices. We’re particularly interested if you have experience with front-end web development (building applications in HTML/CSS/JavaScript from scratch), or native development (C++), or somewhere in between (Java). Bonus points for experience with Amazon’s platforms (EC2, S3, etc) for deployment, back-end web development (Python and Flask in particular), graphics, statistics/machine learning, or even mobile development.

In addition, a qualified data base will add value to our organization and allow us to attract major travel companies interested in our client base. Most large companies have an outbound department/call center that proactively contacts existing and potential clients and customers. We have access to industry experts (some on our board) who will help us create the elements to develop the exact database that will peak interest from any travel company. As an example, if we built a qualified list of 200,000 animal-loving tourists, that would be of value to companies and would provide incentive for them to work with us.


Our designers work with a broad range of media to develop the “creative.” As a designer, you’ll compose data-driven stories, interfaces for exploring information, and large-scale visualizations.

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Exceptional candidates can independently prototype their compositions with code and have portfolios with examples of presenting complex data to a wide variety of audiences. Art direction and asset creation is needed for the new website as well as print and digital collateral. Currently, CANDi only has a small style guide and a few core pieces of stationary.

Researchers & Writers

We’re looking for storytellers with a passion for finding narratives in data, and content strategists who can curate CANDI's story for our audience.

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Our research writing role requires experience hunting down trends in complex data sets, conducting contextual research on a variety of topics, simplifying information and outlining how it can transfer to an interactive environment. We’re especially interested in people who also have experience in project management, copy editing, statistics, or accommodating stories for different environments (blogs, podcasts, marketing materials, and so on).

Our content strategists will tackle both both front-end and back-end needs. Front end strategists will help tailor our website content, including various descriptions and write-ups to make them more concise, useful and relevant for our audience. Back-end strategists will make recommendations about how to use our CMS platform and databases to best leverage our content, including volunteer opportunities in countries where CANDI has a presence and needs support.

Social Media Marketing

Share. Snap. Tweet. Help us get on the right platforms that support our goals, coordinate our content and manage our communities to inform, engage and assistance our audiences. If you are passionate about working at a global level and helping us reach millions of animal loving tourists we need your expertise.

Blogger Relations

Everyone has a story to tell, including animals. Since 2006, CANDi has been helping stray cats and dogs in Mexico and the Caribbean create happy endings to their stories. We need your help to share our stories of hope about what CANDi is doing to help animals in these areas, including spay and neuter clinics and rescue stories.

Community Relations

A division of our non profit is our for-profit—doing good is good for business. We are looking for companies who want to support CANDi’s mission. We show them how by setting up a corporate social responsibility and community outreach program that will engage the community in meaningful ways that support brand value.

Brand Ambassador Programs

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising. Help us find our fans of our brand and cultivate people who will help us spread the word.

Content Creation

From video production to graphic design, we need and use any type of communication that will support our work. We are looking for someone to join our team to support our communications campaigns.

Program Development

At the Board level and with other knowledgeable and passionate individuals, our spay/neuter, Cat Cafe, destination clinic, and Humane Partner programs need to be formalized, documented, and supported in various countries with volunteer Country Directors in place.

Spay/Neuter Clinic Manager

A dedicated volunteer is needed in the role of spay/neuter clinic manager to coordinate the donation and purchase of supplies and assignment of volunteer clinic staff.

Volunteer Manager

A dedicated volunteer manager is needed to increase the visibility of CANDi and its programs, recruiting volunteers around the world and keeping them engaged in promoting CANDi and delivery services in designated destinations.


Corporate partnerships are needed to provide the most expensive components of program delivery including transportation and lodging. Individual fundraising is needed to grow the donor base and raise awareness of CANDi’s mission and programs. Third-party fundraisers such as dog walk-a-thons, golf tournaments, etc. would bring both funds and visibility.

Grant Writing

A dedicated volunteer is needed in the role of spay/neuter clinic manager to coordinate the donation and purchase of supplies and assignment of volunteer clinic staff.

Project Manager

We’re searching for someone who can coordinate complex projects, keep an eye on schedules, and be a point of contact along the way—both for external clients and internal product development efforts. An ideal candidate for this role will be able to pick up our process quickly and improve it further as we continue to grow.